Parents, Do You Need Guilt-Free 'Me Time'?

Send Your Child YouTube Videos That Balance Education And Entertainment

I feel I am a good parent, but sometimes I need a break to focus on something besides my kids. Yet, I cringe at the idea of giving them more screen time. Does this happen to you?
Learning Break lets me instantly send them professionally-screened EDUCATIONAL videos that are also entertaining. My kids actually watch them!

What I’ve learned is that kids DO enjoy great content. Young minds thrive on stimulation. But fascinating educational content is rarely what video platforms’ algorithms push to their feeds. They are shown increasingly attention-grabbing videos —often content that’s not just useless but inappropriate for kids.


But how to find great content?


Conceivably, you could take it upon yourself to look for it as the parent. To find, validate and check suitability for age, safety and commercial upselling—avoiding manipulative influencers—would take you hours each week!


Not many parents could sustain that.


With Learning Break, in a few seconds you can find great content that fits your criteria AND your kid’s interest. Reviewed for parents, by parents.

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Parents: It is Quick and Easy

1.   Visit  our YouTube channel
2.   Search by category and age
3.   Share favorites with your kids by text or email
4.   Feel good! You’re giving them positive, entertaining content

Learning Break gives parents worry-free content for kids

I created Learning Break to help parents find the most engaging educational videos on the Internet for kids aged 7 to 13. Our quick, to-the-point reviews save you time by telling you what a video is about, and rating it on factors that matter most.

You can quickly, easily evaluate and share content with your kids.

Try it now. Check out a few of our educational video reviews. Share something worthwhile, and take a break for yourself.

Share EDU-TAINING Videos with Your Kids. It’s free to use.

Fun Activities that Nudge Kids Offline

As parents, we’re all aware that screen addiction is a serious problem. And yet, screens are essential to communicating, learning, research and connecting. While there is no getting entirely away from them, most kids spend far more time than necessary on digital devices.


That’s why an important focus of Learning Break is to help nudge kids offline. We rate videos on their ability to encourage hands-on activities that kids do in the real world. Plus we tell you what materials are needed and the difficulty of experiments—helping you set your kid up for success!

Find Videos that Meet Your Criteria—in Seconds

Learning Break's search enables you to find videos that meet your own specific criteria, more quickly than ever.

In our video reviews, we show you relevant sample clips of every video, to give you a quick look at quality and style.


We tell you everything important in under a minute, followed by a more detailed breakdown—only if you’re interested. Your time is precious, and Learning Break helps you lead with knowledge!


We give each video a letter grade for overall value, plus:

•  The viewer’s ideal age
•  The topic (Science, Math, Language and more)
•  Whether the video nudges kids offline
•  A summary of key take-aways for the viewer

Learning Break also rates videos on:

Entertainment Value

• Humor
• Drama
• Action/Surprises
• Script Quality

Educational Value

• Imparts Knowledge
• Applies Concept
• Activates Critical Thinking
• Inspires Creativity

Finally, we tell you about the video's publisher

• Does it directly promote commercial products?
• Does it upsell viewers to a paid service?
• Is it a good source of other Learning Breaks?