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At some point as a parent, you realize that you’ll NEVER have a more important purpose than raising your kids well.

Messing up becomes a terrifying prospect. And when kids’ screen time becomes excessive and isolating, you innately know you are letting something extremely important go wrong.

I’ve been there. And I had unique context to what was happening.

After studying computer science at Stanford and Cal-Berkeley and getting an MBA from the Wharton School, I spent decades building trading software to allow quants and traders to create algorithms and electronically trade. In that time, I rose to the upper echelon of technical leadership at the top firms on Wall Street.

I knew how big businesses used those algorithms to maximize their gains–because I’d enabled many to do so. I also recognized how the tech giants who manage our video feeds are doing exactly the same thing. And the billions lie in keeping viewers on their screens as long as possible.

At the same time, I observed how pervasive screens had become in my own life. My wife and I are proud parents to a daughter (now 15) and two sons (13 and 10). It pained me to see them become increasingly glued to their devices—and the tension that arose whenever I tried to intervene.

As essential study and communication tools, smartphones, tablets and computers have become inescapable for large portions of every day. And outside of those times, kids love to consume video content. Often, shockingly bad content.

The tech pro in me searched for a way to change this. I had seen that my kids enjoyed a good educational video—and could even be inspired to put the device down to try a fascinating science experiment or art project. What if they were given a reliable source of THAT instead of mind-robbing garbage?


I wanted to help and guide them through their online experience, the same way I do for them offline.


You probably also want to know what your kids are consuming. You want to lead and guide them, but don’t have time to search and sit through hundreds of videos to find a few good ones your kids will enjoy.

Search & Share Videos with Kids Easily, Anywhere.

Learning Break does it for you.

We’ve studied thousands of videos, adding only the highest value ones to our growing collection of reviews. Our app makes searching amazingly fast, so you quickly find engaging videos that precisely meet your criteria.


All of the videos are rated on the things you need to know before passing them on to your kid. And we show you sample clips, for a deeper sense of the overall video.


You’ll know how entertaining, educational and high-quality a video is. We tell you if it has upsells or commercial messaging. And how likely it is to encourage offline activity.

All in under a minute.

You get to share the joy of learning with kids, while showing them that the best experiences are found in the real world.


And my biggest hope is we will feel greater success as parents—raising brighter, happier, more capable kids.

–  Brad Brown

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