How to Find Quality Educational Videos for Kids

There is a staggering amount of junk on the Internet. And kids are great at finding it.

Not only that, they very often get stuck in mindless, even harmful content. The more bad videos they watch, the more the platform algorithms push into their feeds. For a parent, it’s painful to see.


Finding good, engaging content with an educational component has been much harder to do. So-called “educational” videos are often created for commercial purposes, or are low in entertainment value, which can put kids off of anything else parents want them to watch.


But when video content succeeds at balancing educational value with entertainment, I’ve found kids DO watch it. And they want more!

Search & Share Videos with Kids Easily, Anywhere.

How Learning Break Works

At Learning Break, we do all the heavy lifting for you. As a parent and a busy professional, I know how hard it can be to search and vet the best, most useful and truly educational videos. High-quality, entertaining ones that kids want to watch—and re-watch. Doing it once in a while is tedious. Keeping it up is nearly impossible.


I’ve created a system that makes it easy to find the best educational videos for kids—and tells parents what they most want to know, in under a minute. And it’s free to use!

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Exceptional Project & Activity Videos that Nudge kids Offline

To me, the best educational videos are not only entertaining and high quality. They’re the ones that get kids to put down the device and do a science experiment or art project offline.


In additional to videos with exceptional quality and educational content, Learning Break helps you find and share videos that nudge kids offline, to learn hands-on, in the real world.


And I’m working on a system that helps incentivize and motivate kids even more. As a subscriber, you’ll be first to know when it launches. For now, it’s as simple as:

1. Add App

Add the free web app (no download) to your Home Screen

2. Search

Search by category, speed through reviews and Fav the ones that match your criteria

3. Share

Share with a great kid by text or email. The kid follows a direct link to YouTube

4. Feel Good!

Feel good! Enjoy discussions about what your kid is learning